Insured Worksite Plans

Insured Worksite Plans

Help protect your employees by offering LegalGUARD

We all work hard to make the right choices for the people we care about, especially when it comes to legal and financial matters.
By offering the legal insurance plan*, LegalGUARD, you're helping to provide peace of mind and protection for your employees when it matters most. LegalGUARD members have access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience who are matched to meet specific legal needs. Members also get paid-in-full coverage on most legal matters, as well as personal guidance and coaching.

LegalGUARD by LegalEASE. The LegalGUARD Plan is an unique and flexible insurance product, protecting employees against the high cost of legal fees. These plans provide the convenience of using either in-network or out-of-network attorneys. This plan connects you to an attorney for most common personal legal matters and pays for the attorney fees.

LegalGUARD plans are customizable 
A LegalGUARD plan can be customized to fit your needs and offers a wide range of services:
  • Home and Residential (Buying, selling, refinance, foreclosure, and landlord/tenant)
  • Financial and Consumer (Debts, credit, collections, and contracts)
  • Auto and Traffic (Moving violations, tickets and license suspension)
  • Family (Divorce, adoption, child support, child custody)
  • Estate planning and wills (Will, living will, power of attorney)

LegalGUARD provides a valuable service 

There are a number of reasons why LegalGUARD is so attractive to employees:

  • Personalized and concierge assistance
  • Simple to set up and easy to administer or implement
  • Easy to understand plan design(s)
  • No administrative or set-up fees charged
  • Unique technology interfaces with organizations of all sizes
  • Compatible enrollment and billing systems

Nationwide and LegalEASE

For more than 40 years, LegalEASE has established one of the oldest and most comprehensive networks of attorneys in the legal industry. With more than 17,000 participating plan attorneys, LegalEASE specializes in matching attorneys specific to client needs, when it matters most.

We've partnered with LegalEASE to provide members with solutions that offer support and protection from unexpected legal issues. At Nationwide, we put our members first, because we don't have shareholders.

*This legal plan may not be regulated as insurance in some states.

Products available in all states. Underwritten by Virginia Surety Company or Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies in all states except HI, ID, KS, NH, NC, OH, SC, TX, and WY, where underwriting is not required. Identity Theft Prevention & Recovery, Financial Counseling, Budgeting, and Financial Planning benefits, among other products can be packaged with this plan.  Plans can be customized for individual employers or groups. Typically a voluntary payroll deduction benefit. Limitations and exclusions apply. Group legal plans are administered by Legal Access Plans, L.L.C, LegalEASE or The LegalEASE Group, Houston, Texas.  Please contact Legal Access Plans or LegalEASE for complete details.


Optional Identity Monitoring

Legal Access | LegalEASE offeres several Identity components that can be added to a legal plan.

Option 1

Identity Monitoring

Monitoring Benefits

Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year and is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. Protect yourself and your spouse with industry leading identity monitoring.

Identity Monitoring is a Snap

SNAPD® Identity Monitoring uses innovative technology and an individual’s Social Security number, Name, Address, Phone, and Date of birth to scan over a billion consumer transactions (including applications from banks, wireless providers and credit card issuers) to identify questionable activity or evidence of fraud. If the system detects suspicious activity, a specially-trained Advocate immediately contacts you with a live phone call to begin the restoration process.

Identity Monitoring can detect questionable behavior up to 90 days sooner than credit-monitoring and can minimizing damage,  time and effort required to remedy any problems.  

Coverage Includes:

•    High-touch Care (including live phone calls) from Privacy Advocates® to complete the work from start to case completion

•    Wallet Protection to quickly replace contents of a lost or stolen wallet to mitigate damages

•    $25,000 identity fraud reimbursement policy to protect against out-of-pocket costs associated with identity theft including lost wages, legal fees and postage

•    Reduction in Unwanted Solicitations: preapproved credit card offers and junk mail to limit exposure of personal information

•    Three-year rolling history: The plan checks an your identity for past adverse events. By remedying pre-existing conditions, we ensure a firm foundation for identity health

•    Monitor Application Data, Accepted or Denied: Our monitoring looks for actual use as well as attempted use of an employee’s identity to provide unsurpassed protection and to catch identity theft at its earliest attempted use

•    In-House Privacy Advocate Support: We will restore an identity completely eliminating stress, worry and fear.  We will do the work for you…not just assist you through the process


Option 2


At LifeLock, we help protect you against more than just credit fraud, we alert you whenever we detect your personal information being used to apply for wireless services, retail credit, utilities, and mortgage loans within our extensive network. If you become a victim of identity theft while you are a LifeLock member we will spend up to $1 million to hire experts, lawyers, investigators, consultants and whoever else it takes to help your recovery. Restrictions Apply. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Monitoring Your Identity

Once you complete enrollment for LifeLock® identity theft protection, we immediately begin monitoring for threats* against your identity within our network.

Beyond Credit Monitoring

We also contact the major credit bureaus on your behalf and help remove your name from mailing lists for preapproved credit offers. And we provide you with anytime access to your alerts dashboard via the secure LifeLock Member Portal.